• What mystery fruit I think works best when feeding dubia roaches!

    Often I ponder what else works when feeding dubia, or I ask myself, “ If money weren’t an object, what is the best fruit I could feed my dubia colonies to watch them thrive?”  I have narrowed this down to two items, one fruit and one vegetable. Feeding strawberries to dubia roaches Strawberries in my eyes are like a super fruit! Strawberries possess a...
  • Current dubia roach feeding schedule at Jersey Worms

    This is a short blog about what we are currently feeding our dubia roaches. Over the summer, we have stuck to a steady diet of mixed grains for my dubia roaches. Due to nothing of great value being in stock at Restaurant Depot, we have only been feeding grains and carrots weekly. We try our best to feed carrots and fruits as often as...
  • Dirty Egg Crates in a Dubia Roach Bin

    How often should I change my egg crates when housing dubia roaches? Does this affect production? Does it affect allergies to dubia roaches?
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