Current dubia roach feeding schedule at Jersey Worms


This is a short blog about what we are currently feeding our dubia roaches.

Over the summer, we have stuck to a steady diet of mixed grains for my dubia roaches. Due to nothing of great value being in stock at Restaurant Depot, we have only been feeding grains and carrots weekly. We try our best to feed carrots and fruits as often as possible, but during the summer this can bring in lots of fruit flies with the humidity in the warehouse. Carrots have less moisture than fruits such as apples and bananas. 

How do fruit flies get into dubia bins?

Fruit flies and other pesky insects enter the warehouse from time to time through the exhaust fans when they are not running. They can also enter through the door when opened or closed. 

What about feeding oranges to dubia roaches?

Recently, we have not been feeding oranges to the dubia colonies as we have seen a spike in price recently. This is from shipping logistics. Once again, these do bring in fruit flies if the peels are not removed fast enough. 

If you are able to monitor your bin daily, feeding a multitude of fruits weekly or daily may be a plus. Unfortunately, we can not go through a few hundred bins daily feeding and watering. It takes about 2 hours to feed the bins. 

Feeding tip:

Halloween is around the corner and it becomes a great time to gather some pumpkins to feed off! We don’t feed the dubia our rotten collection of pumpkins, these go to the red wigglers. The dubia get first pick; the best of the best if you will. 

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