• Where can I meet others interested in dubia roaches?

    Is there a community around dubia roaches? Yes! There is quite a large community around breeding dubia. Hobbyists and small business owners such as myself congregate on Facebook in groups. I currently operate 2 of these groups which I have put a link to at the bottom of this blog.  What do y’all talk about? If you’ve just started breeding, there are several people...
  • Shipping Adult Dubia Roaches

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    In this blog I go over how I ship adult dubia roaches and touch on care and handling of adult female roaches.
  • What is the best way to heat my dubia roach bin?

    There are several ways you can heat your dubia colony. What is best for me may not be best for you, but I have tried almost every way you can think of. Here are my top tips and tricks for heating a dubia bin.  Method 1: Using a heat lamp to heat your dubia bin This is probably my least favorite way to supply...
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