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Where can I meet others interested in dubia roaches?

Posted by Gavin Ciccia on

Is there a community around dubia roaches?

Yes! There is quite a large community around breeding dubia. Hobbyists and small business owners such as myself congregate on Facebook in groups. I currently operate 2 of these groups which I have put a link to at the bottom of this blog. 

What do y’all talk about?

If you’ve just started breeding, there are several people with their own tips and tricks that may be able to answer questions. Just like a forum everyone is allowed to join, we aim to keep these groups in English. Most of the members are from the United States; there are a few dubia breeders in the UK as well as Philippines. If you have questions, you can tag me in the group to reach my personal Facebook. I would be happy to chime in when I can. 

You can also find topics like:

Homemade dubia chow recipes, container sizes, dubia health questions, production rates and more.

Join the discussion: Facebook Group


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