What should I feed my dubia roaches?


Feeding dubia roaches seems like a simple task. I mean come on they’re roaches… don’t roaches eat anything? As much as this may seem true, Blaptica dubia do have a preference on what they eat. I have been breeding roaches for several years and I am still studying what works best.

Should I feed my dubia roaches chicken food?

Yes, chicken food is a good option to feed your roaches because it is high in Calcium.

Should I feed my dubia roaches dog food?

               Yes, Dog food is a good option to feed your roaches because it is high in fiber.

Should I feed my dubia roaches cat food?

               Yes, Cat food is a good option to feed your roaches because it is high in protein.

Is chicken food, dog food or cat food the best option to feed my dubia roaches?

               I have found a mixture of all three food options works the best. The roaches tend to eat more which helps them grow and produce more.


What is a good dubia roach food recipe?

***Keep in mind when purchasing you get what you pay for. Do not skimp on the quality of the food you are buying.

  • 1 part dog food
  • 1 part cat food
  • 1 part chicken food
  • 1/2 part fish flakes

 Feeding Dubia roaches at Jersey Worms

Should I feed fruits and vegetables to my dubia roaches?

               Yes, a combination of fresh produce like apples, oranges, carrots and potatoes work great when fed alongside with the dry food mixture. Although feeding produce can be a bit costly, it is a great way to ensure that your roaches are receiving the nutrients they need and have plenty of energy to reproduce. For example, I ensure that all of my bins have dry food and water crystals at all times and also feed off fresh produce a few times a week as they tend to eat that first. It is extremely important to only buy organic fruits and vegetables to feed off as non-organic produce is often sprayed with pesticides that can harm your dubia roaches. Produce that is not consumed should be removed from the bin within 72 hours or mold can become an issue.


  • Posted on by Jersey Worms

    I use a commercial grinder. It is designed for corn cobs, but a blender or food processor works great also!
    - Jersey Worms

  • Posted on by Andrew

    Do you purchase dry dog and cat food and then grind it in a food processor?

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