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    • If there is an issue with your order please contact me via email.
    • If your order dies in shipping, I will ask for proof of perish (multiple clear photos or a video which include the box they were shipped in).
    • I must be contacted with proof the same day as delivery. (Read more on my live guarantee page)
    • Customers must be home to receive shipment or live guarantee is voided. 
    • If customers will not be home to receive the package, please contact me to have the package held at the post office for pick-up. A phone number must be provided. 
    • If products are to be held at the post office, they must be picked up the same day as arrival. 
    • If temperatures are below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or above 85 degrees Fahrenheit on the shipping or receiving end, I reserve the right to hold shipment until weather conditions are ideal.

    • Our Superworms are fed top notch foods and produce, ensuring that they are providing the highest quality nutritional value as your feeder insect. 
    • Superworms have less Chitin (Exoskeleton) than meal worms making them easier for reptiles to digest.
    • They will grow up to 2 1/4" long.
    • Minimal maintenance required (blog coming soon!).
    • Will not pupate/reproduce in a community setting.
    • Perfect for birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish.
    • Also great bait for trout and pan fishing.


    • Packages are shipped either priority mail or first class based on their weight. 
    • Orders are shipped out on Monday's and Wednesday's 
    • Orders received by 11:59 PM Sunday will ship Monday. Orders received by 11:59PM Tuesday will ship Wednesday.
    • I aim to keep the lowest cost for shipping possible!


    • Superworms are shipped in bags and 32oz deli containers (deli containers cannot be shipped with heat packs and therefore are not always available for shipment)
    • Remove Superworms from the bag and place in your critter keeper of choice. 
    • Good examples of critter keepers include: a bucket or Tupperware containers. Ensure that they have some type of bedding like oat bran. Also, be sure there are air holes for the Superworms to breathe or just leave the lid off as long as they cannot climb up it.
    • Keep at room temperature.
    • If you are planning on keeping them around for sometime, feed them fruits and vegetables. 
    • An additional source of water will need to be provided like carrots or potatoes. 
    • Click here to learn about how to breed superworms!