Adult Female Dubia Roaches

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Dubia roaches do not ship to Florida, Alaska, or Hawaii

Adult dubia roaches for sale. All adults are newly molted into their adult molts. Female dubia roaches should begin producing 2-4 weeks after their molt. Adult male dubia roaches are also freshly molted. These can begin reproducing right away. 

To reproduce, adult dubia need a ratio of 3:1 - 5:1 for best reproduction results. 

To read about breeding dubia, check out my blog! (LINK SOON TO COME)

Commonly you will find male dubia if overpopulated will begin to fight to the death over females. This can cause females to stress and die as well.

Subsequently, if there are not enough male dubia in the bin, they may die due to over working while trying to reproduce. 

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