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  • All adults are newly molted into their adult molts. Female Dubia Roaches should begin producing 2-4 weeks after their molt if males are available.
  • To reproduce, adult dubia require a ratio between 3:1- 5:1
  • To read more about dubia roaches, click here
  • If male dubias are overpopulated, they will begin to fight over the females and some will die off. This can cause the females to stress also which is why having a good ratio is key. 
  • Dubia Roaches are shipped in bags and 32oz deli containers (deli containers cannot be shipped with heat packs and therefore are not always available for shipment)
  • Remove dubia roaches from the bag and place in your critter keeper of choice. 
  • Good examples of critter keepers include: a bucket, tupperware containers or glass tanks. Ensure that they have something to crawl on (ie: egg crates or cardboard). Also be sure there are air holes for the roaches to breath.
  • Keep at room temperature.
  • If you are planning on keeping them around for sometime, feed them fruits and vegetables. 
  • An additional source of water will need to be provided like carrots or potatoes. 
 Dubia roaches do not ship to Florida or Hawaii

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